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Message from CEO
                       Chairman & General Manager
                            Mr. Chen Wenxin

The development of Dalian Chem till today benefits from the big environment of reform and opening of our country, benefits from the richly endowed nature and regional geographical advantage of Dalian City, benefits from our excellent stuff team and sincere cooperative clients both domestic and overseas, benefits from the support and help from various circles of society. We always feel grateful for all these.

Facing the future, we are full of confidence and expectation. Dreams deliver hope, strive casts glory. With the strong wind-blowing of comprehensive deepening reform, we will further strengthening ourselves, further improve system and mechanism of organization, and promote managing and operating level of enterprise overall.

We will stick to the managing idea of “Law abiding and reliability, cooperation and win-win”as always, dare to take the trend to achieve upon new opportunities and challenges, keep up with the times, and try to fulfill “Trans the mode, adjust the structure, promote the development”; adhere to strengthening both import and export, developing domestic and overseas markets, and ensure the enterprise to follow path on the correct fixed track and develop healthily onward.