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Trade Export
Export business scope: chemicals, textile and clothing, foodstuffs, native produce and animal by-products, light industry articles, mechanical and electrical products, pharmaceuticals, etc.

The Company has been engaged in the export of chemicals for over 30 years. Company attaches great importance to supply base construction, and has formed strategic partnership and agency relationship with numerous domestic large and medium chemical plants. The company’s export market covers more than 60 countries and regions. The company is not only one of the main important international trade channels in northeast of China, also one of the well-known companies enjoying reputation in international chemicals trading all over the country.

Annual export volume of company’s main products petrochemicals amounts to over 10 million US dollars, including Paraffin Wax、N-Dodecane、1,2,4-Trimethylbenzene, etc.
Annual export volume of chemical intermediates amounts to over 10 million US dollars, including Cyanuric Chloride、6 Nitro 1,2,4 Acid、Gallic Acid, etc.
Dyes, pigments: Sulphur Black、basic green、reactive dyes, Zinc Oxide、Iron Oxide、 Chromium Oxide Green, etc.
Food additives, feed additives: Propyl Gallate、Phosphoric Acid、CME、Citric Acid、Sodium Bicarbonate、Dry Yeast, Choline Cloride、Zinc Sulfate, etc.
Other chemical: Chromic Anhydride、Poly Aluminum Chloride、Magnesium Chloride、Magnesium Sulfate、Rubber Accelerators, etc.
Textile and Clothing