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Product Name:Automatic Toilet Core Making Machine 

Model No.:PX-ZJJ-A
Product Origin:China
Price Terms:CIF

Automatic Toilet Paper Core Making Machine PX-ZJJ-A

1.Function and Character:
a. PX-ZJJ-A Type Automatic Toilet Paper Core Making Machine is a special equipment of producing toilet paper core, Which is advanced in designing and easy in operation.
b. Automatically withdraw knift or insert knife to cut pipe without stopping machine.
c. The operation for exchanging the specification of paper core (diameter, length) is easy and convenient.
d. The molding of products is hard and straight.
e. The composed parts are of high righdity, equipment is stable without any shake when rolling core.

2.Main Specification:
a. Specification of Roll Core: Core Diameter: 30-70mm
Core Layer Number: 2-3 layers ( 3-7 layers can be produced by order )
b. Size of Original Paper: 80-500 g/m2. Width: 50-90 mm
c. Speed: 10-20 Meter/min
d. Power: 3.5kw (380V, 50Hz)
e. Dimension of machine: 3000x800x1600 mm
f. Packing Dimension: 3700x1300x1800mm (In Wooden Case)
g. Weight: 1500 Kgs




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