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  • Product Name: Silica Gel
  • Product Brand:
  • Product Origin: China
  • Currency: USD
  • Price Terms: CIF
  • Payment Way: by negotiation
  • Supply Avail: 300,000 MT
  • Minimum Order: by negotiation
  • Delivery Time: by negotiation
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Price:  by negotiation
Package:  25kg bag or 25kg drums, or as your request


1) FNG Silica Gel: Spherical Sharp, used for air drying in the air separating process for various industrial gases.
2) C Type Silica Gel: Translucent Spherical Sharp, used for drier, adsorbent & catalyst carrier.
3) B Type Silica Gel: Transparent Spherical Sharp, mainly used as liquid adsorbents, Struture lying between macro-pored and fine-pored silica gel.
4) Blue Silica Gel: Lumps or Spherical Sharp, After absorbing Moisture, it turns from blue to red, visually indicating the relative humidity of the given environments.
5) DL Blue Silica Gel: Lumps or Spherical Sharp, used as humidity indicator or drier in judging if the adsorption and drying process is up to the requirements.
6) Fine-Pored Silica Gel: Lumps or Spherical Sharp, used for drying and moisture-proof.
7) Macro-pored Silica Gel: Lumps or Spherical Sharp, used for moisture-proof packing and dehydration and purification of industrial gases.
8) Silica Gel (tablet): Used for moisture-proof for pharmaceutical and food industry.
9) Silica Gel for variable-pressure adsorption: Similar to fine-pored Silica gel, Its selective adsorptive capability is higher than fine-pored silica gel.
10) Silica gel for Column layer Chromatography: Since the amount of time, it takes to adsorb the various substance, it can achieve the separation and purification from the mixed components, used for refining petroleum and pharmaceutical industry.
11) Silica gel for thin layer Chromatography: Used for analysis and separation of various natural and synthetic substances.
12) Cat Sands: Used for pets, a ideal pet waste cleaner.
13) Silicic Acid: Used for fusion agent for processing tungsten filaments.
14) Silica Alumina Gel: Faint yellow molecular;
Formula: SiO2.Na2O3.mH2O;
Used for dewatering of natural gas, adsorption and separation of light hydrocarbon.
15) Activated Silica Gel: Used for identifying poisonous and harmful gases for atmospheric monitoring & mining industry.
Packaging: 25kg bag or 25kg drums, or as your request
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