• Product Name: Ursolic Acid
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  • 上架时间: 2015-09-01
  • Product Origin: China
  • Currency: USD
  • Price Terms: CIF
  • Payment Way: TT or LC Sight
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  • Minimum Order: As required
  • Delivery Time: As required
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Model No.:  C30H48O3
Packing:  25Kgs Drum


Ursolic acid, a carboxylic acid present in a wide variety of plants in the form of a free acid or an aglycone of triterpene saponins. It is also known as urson, prunol, micromerol, and malol, is a pentacyclic triterpenoid compound which naturally occurs in a large number of vegetarian foods, medicinal herbs, and plants, ursolic acid is exclusively used as emulsifying agents in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food preparations.

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