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Chemicals SupplyOrganic chemical intermediates > N,N-Diethyl-M-Toluamide(DEET)
  • Product Name: N,N-Diethyl-M-Toluamide(DEET)
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  • Product Origin: China
  • Currency: USD
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Model No.:  N,N-Diethyl-M-Toluamide(DEET)


Batch No.:  20050920
Quantity:  5000 kgs
Mfg.Date:  SEP,2005
Exp.Date:  SEP,2007
Packing:  200 kg/drum
Report Date:  2005-10-13
Appearance/Transparent liquid/Transparent liquid
Assay(%):  98min./99.88
Acidity(mgKOH/g):  0.06max./0.027
Specific Gravity:  0.996-1.002/0.997
Water(%):  0.5max./0.15
Refraction Index(ND25):  1.5200-1.5235/1.5223
Conclusions:  The content of the submitted samples complies with the requirements of Enterprise Standard.
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