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  • Product Name: IMD Magnetic Pumps
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  • Product Origin: China
  • Currency: USD
  • Price Terms: CIF
  • Payment Way: T/T
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  • Delivery Time: within 15-30 dayes
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The product of IMD catena is our company summed up making-experience of magnetic force pumps for 20 years to exploit out magnetic force drive pumps of big power and high raisepitch.  The exterior and the install sizes all in the light of ISO international criterion to design and make, the whole structure adopt after pull pattern of electrical engine direct link (my company's patent), by centernog prop up, the structure is tightly, teardown and maintenance is convenient; the bound of capability is broad; The alnico of passing wrestdistance uses of advanced thulium material permanent magnet-"Nd Fe boron" to make inside and outside magnet; uses of the most streampadd nonmetallic material pad F46 inside to be made-up isolationsheath assembled and it's provided with high strength dynam capability. Avoid magnetism backset ullage of the run-of-mill pumps have drastically and enhance the efficiency of the whole machine. It can transport the strong corrosive medium of high-pH indicator, density more than 1.84t/m3. The primary parts adopt steel pad F46, the pumpbody strength is high, it can resist all cauterization of strong acid and strong alkali. Specially suited for transporting chymic medium of combustibl, explosive, poisonous, volatile, big specific gravity.  it's putting into the market with batches now in plenty of item to substitute of import magnetic pumps. And it's appraised widely by custmers.


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