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Chemicals SupplyOther products > ZMD Self-priming Magnetic Pumps
  • Product Name: ZMD Self-priming Magnetic Pumps
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  • Product Origin: China
  • Currency: USD
  • Price Terms: CIF
  • Payment Way: T/T
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  • Delivery Time: within 15-30 days
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ZMD catena of self inhale magnetic force pumps adopt structure of electrical engine direct link form, by centernog prop up, the structure is tightly, teardown and maintenance is convenient,  adopt high-powered magnetism stuff "Nd Fe boron" to make inside and outside magnet.  Isolationsheath assembled make of import nonmetallic material, Avoid magnetism backset ullage of the run-of-mill pumps have drastically. It can transport the strong corrosive medium of high-pH indicator, density more than 1.84t/m3; The primary parts adopt steel pad F46, the pumpbody strength is high, it can resist all cauterization of strong acid and strong alkali; The product combines the excellence of magnetic pump and suction pump. It's at the base of IMD magnetic pump to extends and empolder out. The most outstanding trait is not only own magnetic function of suction pump but also own no leak and running tranquilly function of magnetic pump. It's the best substitute of hydraulic pump. Specially suited for transporting combustible, explosive, poisonous, volatile and costly medium, it's putting into the market in batches now. In plenty of item to substitute of import magnetic pumps.


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