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Chemicals SupplyFood additives > Concentrated Lecithin
  • Product Name: Concentrated Lecithin
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  • Product Origin: China
  • Currency: USD
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Package: 200 kg packed in iron drum, or packed as per customers' requirements.


Features: This product is natural concentrated soybean extract, which is widely used as animal feed additive, industrial emulsifying and dispersing agent as well as release agent. Applications: As an additive of animal feed, this product plays roles of emulsification, moisturization, spreading, surface activity and antioxidant and is used to increase the energy of feed, enhance the attraction of feed and promote the generation of antibody and the growth of animals. It can be used in the feed for both large animals and small ones such as poultry, fish and little pets. It can be widely applied in paper, textile dyeing, paint, plastics and rubber industries. In coating and paint, the surface activity of lecithin is mainly utilized to shorten the heating time, prevent coloring matters from depositing, increase the brightness, avoid layering and promote the percentage of coverage, leveling property, dispersibility and moisturization.
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