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Chemicals SupplyFood additives > Modified Lecithin
  • Product Name: Modified Lecithin
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  • Product Origin: China
  • Currency: USD
  • Price Terms: CIF
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Package: 200 kg packed in iron drum, or packed as per customers’ requirements.


As an additive of animal feed, this product is the latest substitute of concentrated lecithin and can be absorbed by the body more easily and meanwhile promote the absorption of other hydrosoluble nutrients. After mixed in the animal feed, the product will get an appearance of light color and facilitate the operation thanks to good fluidity; particularly in the liquid material preparation, the operation will take less time and the product will achieve good effect. It serves as the emulsifier of leather greasing agent and can enhance the degree of cross-linking of bond, with stronger bipolarity than concentrated lecithin. It can be widely applied in water-based printing ink, paper, wood board, film production, etc.
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