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Chemicals SupplyFood additives > Sodium Salicylate Bp98
  • Product Name: Sodium Salicylate Bp98
  • Product Brand:
  • Product Origin: China
  • Currency: USD
  • Price Terms: FOB/CNF/CIF
  • Payment Way: To be discussed
  • Supply Avail: 300mt per month
  • Minimum Order: To be discussed
  • Delivery Time: To be discussed
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Model No.: dlchem-613
Price: To be discussed
Package: 25Kgs kraft bag/fibre drum


Appearance: Colorless crystal or crystal powder or crystal slice.
Assay: 99.0-101.0%
Acidity: 20ml sample not more than 2.0ml of 0.01M NaOH
Clarity and color of solution: Clear
Heavy metals: 20PPm max
Chloride: 200 PPm max
Sulfate: 600 PPm max
Loss of drying: 0.5%max
Specification: BP98/USP24
Usage: Fever-allaying,analgesia,antirheumatism,used for arthralgia and rheumatoid arthritis partially.
Sodium Salicylate BP98;
Chemical name:Benzoic acid,-2hydroxycy-,monosodium:
salt,Monosodium salicylate.
Molecular formula: C7H5NaO3.Physical and Chemical
Properties.Colorless crystal or crystal thin slice(scale)or white crystal powder,odorless or smelt sweet or salty slightly.Appears qualitative change when meets light,easily soluble in
water,alcohol,and glycerin,soluble in one part of water and 11 part of alcohol.
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