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  • Product Name: Calcium Chloride
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  • Product Origin: China
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Package:  25kg bag.


Content:  74-77%, 90-95%
NaCl:  2.0%max, 2.5%max
Ca(OH)2:  0.18%max, 0.18%max
Water insoluble:  0.05%max, 0.05%max
CaSO4:  0.1%max, 0.1%max
PH:  8-10, 8-10
We export calcium chloride for many years, if you are interested, please contact with us.
Main application:
Used to make desiccant. Used to prevert dust, grime and mine dust. Used as snow thawing agent. Used as oil well drilling fluid. Used to make additives in paper making industry. Used to make early strengthen agent in construction industry. Used as foodstuff antiseptic. Used as cooling agent in refrigerating industry. Used to make emulsion coagulant in rubber industry.
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