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  • Product Name: Sodium Chlorite
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  • Product Origin: China
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  • Supply Avail: 10,000 MT
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Packing:  50kg drum


Sodium Chlorite
Molecular Formula: NaClO2
Molecular Weight: 90.45
CAS NO: 7758-19-2
Character: white,or pale yellow powder 
Now we regularly supply 
Sodium Chlorite 80% powder & 90% granular,50kg Steel Drum
Sodium Chlorite 25% liquid & 31% liquid,200kg PVC drum or 1250kg IBC drum  
Production Property:
This product has high content and stability, can easily dissolve in water, and has difficult hardpan. It is an oxidizing agent with high efficiency and an excellent bleaching reagent. The pure sodium chlorite is equal to 10 times of bleaching powder. The more important characteristic is that it has the moderate ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)
Sodium chlorite is a kind of latest, efficient bleacher and bactericide. Previously, it is applied to bleach flax, cotton, fibres, textiles etc. Sodium Chlorite has been expanding its using fields with the running raise of people's concept, especially the further application of the fourth generation disinfectant (ClO2) on medicine and health, food-processing, aquaculture, drinking water disinfection, industry water treatment, dry flower procedure and so on.
for solid form,50kgs Steel drum,18 MT in 20'FCL
for liquid form,200kg PVC drum or 1,250kg IBC drum 
Supplying Capability : over 10,000 MT annually.
1.Sodium Chlorite produced by new techniques can meet the needs of many fields, such as textile, aquiculture, water purification, foodstuff, electronics, environmental protection cultivating and processing aquatic products.
2.In order to satisfy the requirements of the trade of ClO2 which is a new type of germicide with high efficiency, our company has developed a kind of NaClO2 product with a high content (90%) and it has been provided in the market. This product is used in the bleaching of the composing fiber, natural fiber and synthetic fiber. It can remove the foreign matters in pigment without damaging the fiber so that we can get the bleaching finished products with the best quality. 
3.It is incomparable with H2O2 and other bleaching products containing Cl. It is different from chlorine at the aspect of water treatment. Because Sodium Chlorite has the effect of removing bad smells in addition to killing bacteria, alga and disinfection. It can get out phenol and phenol compound from water polluted by phenol and phenol compound. It can be used in processing the water polluted by phenol or phenol compound that can be got rid of after the water handle. 
4.Other advantages: a wide range of technological application, nice cloth cover, proper degree of whiteness, good elasticity, little weight loss, short technological process, saving energy, water and the area of workshops. 
Shipping and storage cautions:
No mix with acid and reducibility substance when shipping. Store it in shadow place far away from fire and heat. If on fire, put out it with water, sand or extinguishers.
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