Magneisum Chloride

From: DALIAN CHEMTime: October 31, 2018

Magneisum Chloride Metallurgical industry: Furnace for the manufacture of refractory materials and assemble the arm binder,and flux II is to create the raw materials and smelting magnesium.

Magneisum Chloride Chemical industry: Mainly used for the production of magnesium,also used as a raw material of antifreeze.

Magneisum Chloride Machinery industry: Can be made with magnesite mechanical box,triangular prism and furniture pads.

Magneisum Chloride building materials : Is the production of light building materials such as fiber tile, decorative materials, ceiling, floor brick, magnesia cement, fire prevention board, etc 

Magneisum Chloride  The food industry:Used for some food additives

Magneisum Chloride  Medicine:With magnesium chloride made of "dry brine"can be used for medicinal purposes

Magneisum Chloride ransportation: Used as road deicing snow melting agent,

Magneisum Chloride Agriculture: Can be used as magnesium fertilizer, potassium and magnesium fertilizer and cotton defoliants