Propylene Glycol

From: DALIAN CHEMTime: July 20, 2022

Propylene Glycol 

CAS 57-55-6


Industrial grade Propylene glycol:

·Used to produce unsaturated resin, polyether, epoxy resins, etc.;

·Used for organic synthesis of solvents, dehydrating agents and gas chromatography stationary liquids, synthesizing emulsifier, demulsifier, etc.;

·Used as a chemical intermediate for pesticide fungicide difenoconazole;

·Used in cellophane, plasticizer and pharmaceutical industry;

·The aqueous solution of propylene glycol is an effective antifreeze;


Food grade Propylene Glycol:

·Used as a solvent for flavors and fragrances, condiments and food pigments, packaging softener for food, anti-sticking agent for food, humectant for tobacco, mildew inhibitor, ripening preservative and antifreeze for fruits, heat transfer medium, emulsifier, etc.;

·Used as a solvent of food marking ink for lubricating oil of food processing equipment;

·Widely used as a humectant in daily chemical industry.