Cosmetic Natural Oil Ingredient Lanolin

From: DALIAN CHEMTime: June 20, 2022

Lanolin (Industrial grade) 
Lanolin anhydrous(cosmetic grade) 
We also can supply water-soluble Lanolin for cosmetics.

Lanolin is "wool fat" or grease, chemically akin to wax, which is secreted by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing animals, such as sheep. These glands are associated with hair follicles. 
Lanolin's ability to act as a waterproofing wax aids sheep in shedding water from their coats.
Certain breeds of sheep produce large amounts of lanolin, and the extraction can be performed by squeezing the wool between rollers. 
Most or all the lanolin is removed from wool when it is processed into textiles, e.g., yarn or felt.
We regularly supply Lanolin (Industrial grade) and Lanolin anhydrous(cosmetic grade).
We also can supply water-soluble Lanolin for cosmetic.
Lanolin anhydrous USP28 is used as a cream to soothe skin. It is pure, hypoallergenic, and bacteriostatic. In this form it is used by some breastfeeding mothers on sore and cracked nipples. This grade of lanolin can also be used to treat chapped lips, diaper rash, dry skin, itchy skin, rough feet, minor cuts, minor burns and skin abrasions. As an ointment basis, it readily absorbs through skin, facilitating absorption of the medicinal chemicals it carries.