From: DALIAN CHEMTime: March 9, 2023

Melamine Brand & Package

Melamine Application

* Laminates
For table tops, kitchen shelves, platforms, wall cladding, bus bodies, interior of railway coaches, counters, deckings, instrument panels.

* Consumer Moulded Goods
Bowls, trays, spatulas, mixer's base, crockery, cutlery items, launder-able buttons, lamp shades.

* Industrial Moulded Goods
Circuit breakers, television tube support, automotive ignition components, washing machine, agitators, soda fountain parts, switch gears, switch housings, connector plus inserts, wattmeter terminal block, junction boxes, fuse carriers, plating tanks.

* Treatment Resin for Paper
For currencies, toilet paper, facial tissues, shopping and shipping bags, map papers, food wrappers, photographic paper.

* Resin for Lacquer Paints
For motorcars, refrigerator cabinets, washing machines, kitchen equipment, typewriters, water heaters.

* Adhesives
Melamine adhesives from Melamine resins are extra strong, extra tough, highly water resistant and colourless (veneered doors).

* Melamine Resin for Textile Auxiliaries
For providing anti-crease treatment to cotton and other fabrics.

* Leather Chemical
Melamine Formaldehyde resins act as pre-tanning agents.

Storage:It should be kept dry,stored in cool and well ventilated place,avioding to be stored and transport with acid and oxidant together.

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