Zinc sulphate CAS No.7733-02-0

Zinc sulphate Quick Details Zinc sulphate Main Applications 1. Zinc sulphate As feed additive 2. Zinc sulphate As pesticides and microelement fertilize 3. Zinc sulphate In industry : for producing lithophone, zinc salts ,synthetic fiber etc. Zinc sulp

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Strontium Carbonate CAS No.1633-05-2

Strontium Carbonate Quick Details Strontium Carbonate Main Applications Strontium Carbonate SrCO 3 Granular is mainly used for producing Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) for colour TV and computer monitors while SrCO 3 Powder is applied to producing magnetic

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Trisodium Phosphate CAS No.5329-14-6

Trisodium Phosphate Quick Details Trisodium Phosphate Description te orthorhombic cystal.Nonvolatile, nonhygroscopic,smell-less. High stability at normal temperature and can maintain original quality for several years. Freely soluble in water and liqu

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Boron Oxide CAS No.1303-86-2

Quick Details CAS No. 1303-86-2 Chemical Name boric trioxide Molecular Formula/MF: B2O3 Classification: Inorganic Purity: 98.8% Appearance: white crystals or powder Package 25kgs or 1000kgs bag, 20mt/20 container MOQ: 5MT Place of Origin DALIAN,CHIN

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Potassium Ferrocyanide CAS No.14459-95-1

Potassium Ferrocyanide Quick Details Other Names PAC,Aluminum chlorohydrate; Aluminum chlorhydroxide; Aluminum chloride basic; Aluminum hydroxychloride; Poly Aluminum Chloride; Polyaluminum Chloride CAS No. 14459-95-1 Molecular Formula/MF K4Fe(CN)6.

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